Our estates are the buildings and land we own as health and care organisations, and it’s the role of the estates workstream to consider what facilities we already have and what we might need to support our plans for the future of health and care in Northamptonshire.

NHS England has provided funding for the estates workstream to complete a condition survey of all NHS properties in the county, and the results of this survey have been used to develop an interim estates strategy. This looks at our existing health and social care facilities through the lens of our four transformation priorities and identifies where improvements might be required.

Plans are already in place to build a new urgent care hub at Kettering General Hospital which would bring together all local partners to deliver a full range of urgent and emergency care services. An announcement is expected on a national funding bid for this project early in 2019. Further work will also be done by the KGH and NGH estates teams to understand future requirements for our urgent and emergency care and acute hospital services.

Our primary, community and social care workstream has identified that investment in new facilities will likely be needed to improve access to these services closer to people’s homes. Any estate development plans will depend on access to funding, and identifying funding sources forms part of our work in this area.

The interim estates strategy will provide a framework for the NHCP Board to develop specific plans for estate development, and all relevant stakeholders will be involved in this process.