The inpatient element of the county-wide hyper-acute and acute stroke service was centralised at NGH from September 2018 to ensure consistency and continuity of care for all patients. Previously, those living in the north of the county transferred to KGH after a hyper-acute episode.

As the county-wide provider NGH will continue to develop its specialist expertise with additional investment identified for therapy and specialist psychology. NGH will also have direct access and sole admission rights for stroke patients into 12 community rehabilitation beds at Isebrook Hospital, Wellingborough. It is also proposed to enhance community support services in the longer term so more patients can return home with support sooner.

KGH will continue to host a Monday-to-Friday transient ischemic attack (TIA) clinic where patients will be assessed for their imminent risk of stroke and given preventive treatment, plus a stroke follow-up clinic for patients in the north of the county. Basing all our hyper-acute and acute stroke services on a single site will ensure Northamptonshire continues to develop excellence in stroke care.

These changes will give all patients across Northamptonshire access to the same high-quality care, wherever they live in the county. It also demonstrates how our two acute hospitals are working collaboratively with NHCP partners to improve patient care.